Rotterdam Rigging is the partner for the entertainment industry.

Concerts, exhibitions, theatre and corporate events! Rotterdam Rigging has a great deal of expertise in these areas. We can assist you with rigging plots, weight calculations, the right people and supply you with the right materials for the job.

Projects Events

Here you see photo galleries of some of the projects in which we were involved:

Seoul project with Unlimited and MCI
Olympic Games Rio 2016 with ShowCreation
Beurs van Berlage ramen lappen en andere waaghalzerij.
Best Kept Secret Beekse Bergen i.o.v. en i.s.m. Frontline
Miley Cyrus i.o.v. en i.s.m. Frontline
Tuckerville Enschede i.o.v. en i.s.m. Frontline
Ledscontrol Blowfish Club Jakarta
Toppers 2014 iov Frontline
Opening Central Station Amsterdam
Sochi Olympic Winter Games 2014
Ledscontrol Jakarta Colosseum 1001
Buitink EU Brussel
Genisis Amsterdam
Hot Item Amsterdam
Auto RAI
Toppers in Concert
Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam
In Control
IRATA Schotland
Lowlands 2013
MAN Marknesse
Pink Ribbon Amsterdam Arena
Rigging Only Rai Amsterdam
The Police
Tiesto Elements of Life Worldtour
Trance Energy
Buitink EU Brussel
Genissis Brussel
Golden Earring Panama
Gwen Stefani
Holiday on Ice Spirit
Kylie Minogue X Tour 2008 Antwerpen
Kylie Minogue X Tour 2008 Vienna
Rock am Ring